How do I change the computer for my Malvern particle size analyser ?

As we all know Microsoft upgrades its Windows operating system on a regular basis to a new platform. What must a Malvern user do if they need to replace the Malvern’s PC or upgrade the operating system?

The good news is that Malvern Instruments supplies the software free of charge for its particle size instrument users.

First of all I would look under the Support section on the for the latest version of my Malvern instrument’s software. (If you have not registered on the website before you will be prompted to register quickly).

Read the Software update notification that is included with the software. It covers what operating systems is compatible with the software, the minimum pc spec as well as where all the Malvern data on your current pc is (typically) stored.

Back-up all the data from your current PC. Load the latest software on the new pc . Copy your data (items like measurement files,SOP’s custom reports, custom calculations etc…) to the relevant directories.

Your new pc should now be ready for use with your Malvern instrument.

If you used the security features (login with password) on the old pc it will have to re-configured on the new pc.

Please remember that some older instruments requires an RS232 port (9 pin serial port) on the pc to connect to. This applies to the Malvern Mastersizer S, Micro and 2000.

Tip ! Always keep the previous PC available until you are sure the new pc and software works as expected.