How does fragmentation analysis work ?

Fragmentation analysis takes images and uses sophisticated software to separate the overlapping rock or ore fragments into individual particles. The software then calculates the size of these particles. In order to complete this process specific conditions are required.  First of all the image must be of good quality for fragmentation analysis. The rough rule of thumb is that a person should be able to outline the particles himself if you expect the software must be able to do the same. For suggestions how to take good images click here.

It is a simple 3 step process.


Step 1 

Tell the software the size of object of known size in the image, Wipware the manufacturer recommends a square shape.



 Step 2

 Let the software determine the boundary of each particle. Wipware calls it generating a net.



Step 3

The software calculate the particle size distribution  of the particles in the image.

It is as simple as that!