What is fragmentation analysis used for ?

For over 20 years fragmentation analysis has been used to evaluate the effectiveness of a blast. It offers a simple and effective solution to judge the amount of fragmentation from a blast. Normally an experienced  blast engineer will simple look at the rock spill after a blast to judge his work but it is not and objective or quantitative process . Taking images and calculating the size distribution using fragmentation analysis software offers an objective result which can be used to compare blasts. Nowadays there is even additional blastcast tool which can assist the blast engineer even further to optimise his blasts.  Desktop software packages like Wipware Desktop is specifically designed for this function.

The 2nd major application for this technology is to measure the size of ore on a conveyer-belt.  In this case an industrial camera is placed over the conveyer belt and connected to a server that converts the images into a size distribution trend on a continuous basis. The Wipware Momentum system is an example of such a solution.

Click here for for specific examples. An integrated system called Solo is also available where the camera and industrial pc is integrated in a single frame.