Fragmentation Analysis

Solo™ 6 Conveyor Analysis System

Analyze material on conveyor belts in real-time to automate your process, establish quality control, and improve safety, efficiency and throughput without disrupting production.Solo is an stand-alone, self-contained, automated fragmentation analysis system designed for use on a single conveyor belt. 

How It Works

When material is presented, the camera acquires image samples which are processed onboard. Proprietary edge detection is used to render a polygon network around each particle to instantly generate material specifications such as size distribution, uniformity, shape and more in real time. Because Solo is capable of detecting relative size changes in your process it can reduce energy and maintenance costs, enhance personnel safety and improve throughput and quality control procedures.


The Solo advantage

    • Completely autonomous, operates 24-7
    • User-friendly and easy to install
    • Robust design for industrial environments (operates -40°C to +80°C)
    • Universal frame design
    • Integrated high efficiency light source
    • Uses WipFrag as HMI. No license required
    • Communicates with existing Process Control Systems (Modbus TCP, OPC UA)

Solo Photoanalysis                                                     Brochure 



 Reflex™ Vehicle Analysis System

This vehicle material analysis system focuses on acquiring high quality images that are processed onboard providing real-time telemetry to your control system, data historian or automatic daily reporting.

Capture Swift Movements Accurately
Designed for use on moving HD, LHD and railcar vehicles at the primary crusher without disrupting production. It has laser triggering capabilities to sense the location of the truck before capturing images.


Solo Photoanalysis                                                 Brochure