Mastersizer 3000 - Smarter particle sizing



The Mastersizer 3000 laser diffraction particle size analyzer delivers rapid,  accurate particle size distributions for both wet and dry dispersions with the minimum of effort. Measuring over the nanometer to millimeter particle size ranges, it packs exceptional performance into the smallest of footprints, bringing operator-independent measurements that every user can rely on.           

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The Mastersizer 3000 is the latest generation of the world’s most popular particle sizing instrument. Incorporating expert engineering and applications know-how into every stage of its design, it delivers:

•Class-leading particle sizing performance in a compact footprint.

•Intuitive software with built-in expertise to ease your workload.

•Flexible reporting to display your data the way you want it.

•Rapid and effective wet dispersion.

•Fast, reliable particle size measurement of fragile and cohesive dry powders.

•Mastersizer know-how throughout, for results you can rely on.

How it Works

The Mastersizer 3000 uses the technique of laser diffraction to measure the size of particles. It does this by measuring the intensity of light scattered as a laser beam passes through a dispersed particulate sample. This data is then analysed to calculate the size of the particles that created the scattering pattern.

A typical system is made up of three main elements:

Optical bench - A dispersed sample passes though the measurement area of the optical bench, where a laser beam illuminates the particles. A series of detectors then accurately measure the intensity of light scattered by the particles within the sample over a wide range of angles.

Sample dispersion units (accessories).  Sample dispersion is controlled by a range of wet and dry dispersion units. These ensure the particles are delivered to the measurement area of  the optical bench at the correct concentration and in a suitable, stable state of dispersion.

Instrument software. The Mastersizer 3000 software  controls the system during the measurement process and analyzes the scattering data to calculate a particle size distribution. It also provides both instant feedback during method development and expert advice on the quality of the results.