Surface Measurement Systems launches the new DVS Adventure

DVSAdventureDVS Adventure is a water vapor sorption analyzer measuring sorption and desorption isotherms over a broad range of humidities and temperatures. It offers unprecedented temperature stability and humidity performance. It provides valuable information about the interactions of a sample with water vapor that is critical for the development of new materials and processes.

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New Lasair® III Aerosol Particle Counter with Internal WiFi

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Pamas updates website with video

Pamas ( known for their extensive range of liquid particle counters recently updated their website with short demonstration video’s of their most popular instruments.




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Product Focus Lasair III

LasairIIII had the opportunity recently to give some training on a Lasair III particle counter to a new customer. In preparation I reviewed the features of the instrument by scanning its manual.  Reading through the manual reminded me again what a well-designed an versatile instrument the Lasair III is ! In my experience a customer wants to make a simple measurement to check the air quality quickly in an area, or they want to test to standard like ISO 14644-1. 

New ! Lasair III is now avialable with ISO 14644-14:1999 and the 2015 release. The customer can now select if they want to use the old or the latest version of the ISO standard.

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Overview of the new ISO 14644-1 :2015 for Clean Rooms

The newly updated ISO14644-1:2015 has caused some confusion and raised concerns by companies who want to ensure that they are fully compliant. To address these issues, Particle Measuring Systems is sharing our industry expertise and have provided an
ISO 14644-1:2015 summary paper, an on-demand webinar, and are now providing you with answers to many of the questions that our customers frequently ask. If you have further questions, please contact us.

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Complete Cleanroom Environmental Monitoring System

Particle Measuring Systems releases the FacilityPro® 5010 System: a new industrial automation solution for cleanroom environmental monitoring.

Particle Measuring Systems has released the FacilityPro® 5010 System, a new industrial automation solution for environmental monitoring. The FacilityPro 5010 builds on the previous FacilityPro generation and provides a central hub for a complete cleanroom environmental monitoring system. With a modular design, the system is able to be configured based on current sampling requirements while offering simple expandability to meet future needs.

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Product Focus: The S40 Portable particle counter from Pamas

The S40 series of liquid particle counters is popular around the world because of their rugged reliability and ease of use. Over the years this popular portable liquid

particle counter has been adapted to multiple applications.
It all started with the standard S40 which is typically used for lubricating or hydraulic oils. Today there is a version for the following liquids or applications.
Oils / hydraulic fluids -Pamas S40
Water – Pamas S4031
Jet Fuel – Pamas S40 Avtur
Water-Glycol / water based hydraulic fluids – Pamas S4031 WG 

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If Rock Climbing Isn’t Your Forté... WipWare’s latest addition to its WipFrag 3.0 Windows and iPad software will be of interest to you.


By: Mark Wagner

If you haven’t heard, or if you have been hiding under an ‘un-analyzed’ rock waiting for summer to fully take shape, here’s a quick summary of what is going on: The world’s best-selling and industry leading software is now available for iOS, meaning that

A) You can now analyze images right in the field using any Apple iOS device 
B) No scaling device is required 
C) The price of the iOS version of WipFrag software is $999USD for a perpetual license 
D) You can use the new WipFrag software as a remote controller for any online systems on-site

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Auto Scaling comes to WipFrag 3 for iOS

Measuring blast fragmentation couldn’t be easier. WipFrag’s new Auto Scaling feature eliminates the need to set a scale on a muck pile, making your fragmentation analysis photography safer and faster! Snap and tap with the WipFrag app

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Learn where to place sample points for certification

As environmental system designers, we are often asked where to place sample points for particle monitoring, whether it be performed in a pharmaceutical cleanroom or clean device (RABS, isolator, etc.).

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WipFrag 3 for iOS released

WipFrag, the number one name in fragmentation analysis for desktop computers is now available for tablets and smartphones in the Apple App Store.

Of special interest to mining and quarry managers and engineers, WipFrag 3 for iOS is the most economical portable blast fragmentation solution available. It’s perfect for instantly analyzing blast pile particle sizes in open pit and underground locations using an iPad. The new WipFrag app puts fragmentation at your fingertips.

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