New Surface Profile Analyzer SPA 25

contourThe new Surface  Profile Analyzer SPA 25 can measure surface topography
and roughness parameters with exceptional speed and resolution. Due to the
utilisation of the white-light interferometry measuring
technique the Surface Profile Analyzer can reach a height resolution of 0.1 nm. 



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Particle Measurement Systems expand their Knowledge Centre

Particle Measuring SystemsParticle Measurement Suystems best known in South Africa for their Lasair III air particle counters and active microbila samplers like the Minicapt Mobile recently expanded their knowldge centre with new Application notes, current webinars as well as on demand webinars. To learn more follow this link!


Laser diffraction - what does all these numbers mean ?

One of the most common set of questons we receive from our contract analysis customers and new Malvern Mastersizrr users is what does all these number on the Mastersizer report mean ? After years of answering these questions I finally took the time to briefly explain it all ! Happy reading.

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New autosampler from Pamas

AS3For laboratories with high sample quantities, PAMAS has designed the new PAMAS AS3 autosampling system. The system incorporates an automatic measuring process, so that several hundred samples can be analysed per day. 

The 3rd generation PAMAS auto sampler offers improved reliability, sample preparation, sample handling, flushing and sample dilution.

The PAMAS AS3 is designed to analyse several hundred samples per day, with unattended operation. The development of AS3is based on the feedback PAMAS received from users of existing PAMAS autosamplers and the requirements of potential customers. 

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Topview contact angle measurement – now even on smallest surface areas

With the picolitre dosing system PDDS and a new, special topview measuring system from DataPhysics Instruments it is now for the first time possible to measure contact angles in topview automatically even on smallest surface areas, using the optical contact angle measuring systems of the OCA series.

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Dynamic Vapour Sorption

Dynamic Vapor Sorption (DVS) is a gravimetric sorption technique that measures how quickly and how much
of a solvent is absorbed by a sample: such as a dry powder absorbing water. It does this by varying the vapor
concentration surrounding the sample and measuring the change in mass which this produces. Water vapor is most
commonly used, but it is also possible to use a wide range of organic solvents.

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Selecting the right particle counter for oil condition monitoring



We are frequently asked to quote for a liquid particle counter to test to ISO 4406(c) the particle cleanliness standard for hydraulic fluids. Pamas Gmbh is well regarded for their wide range of liquid particle counters. A quick browse through their webiste (and ours) shows there is the portable S40 and benchtop SBSS counters. So the natural question is which counter is best for the customer's application?


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Compressed Gases: An Important Component of an Environmental Monitoring Program in a Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Environment

The testing and monitoring of compressed air and other process gases such as gaseous and liquid nitrogen, oxygen, argon, and carbon dioxide that come into direct contact with pharmaceutical drugs during the manufacturing process is vital to assuring the quality and safety of these products. Read More

Speed of Sound Dynamic Vapor Sorption (DVS)

DVSAdventure“The only method that directly measure solvent vapor concentrations.”

Dynamic Vapor Sorption (DVS) is a gravimetric sorption technique that measures how quickly and how much of a solvent is absorbed by a sample. The latest advancement on DVS is its speed of sound sensor which increases the reliability and accuracy of DVS data by providing the only method for directly measuring solvent vapor concentrations.

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New development from PAMAS the S50DP particle counter

PAMAS S50DP: The Particle Counter With Integrated Dilution System For Fluid Analysis

The PAMAS product range includes measuring instruments for long-term condition monitoring of liquids like hydraulic or lubricating oil or for contamination analysis of particulate matter in water, pharmaceutical suspensions and many other fluids.

The newly designed PAMAS S50DP has been specifically designed for fixed online measurement of dark fluids.
This online particle counter automatically dilutes dark sample fluids prior to measurement with its integrated dilution system , thus reducing the sample’s turbidity level. Fluid cleanliness (e.g. of oil, water or fuel) can be monitored through optical particle counting. An automatic particle counter detects and measures particulate contaminants in the fluid. 

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