Selecting the right particle counter for oil condition monitoring



We are frequently asked to quote for a liquid particle counter to test to ISO 4406(c) the particle cleanliness standard for hydraulic fluids. Pamas Gmbh is well regarded for their wide range of liquid particle counters. A quick browse through their webiste (and ours) shows there is the portable S40 and benchtop SBSS counters. So the natural question is which counter is best for the customer's application?


 The Pamas SBSS or Syringe Bottle Sampler System to use its proper name is the flagship particle counter from Pamas. It offers the greatest flexibility in terms of viscosity range, method options, fluid compatibility and quickly changing between different sample types. Degassing of samples is a standard part of each measurement decreasing the potential risk of measuring bubbles.  It uses a supplied compressor with positive displacement of the sample during measurement. The instrument can be operated in standalone mode or with pc and software.

The Pamas S40 is a portable liquid portable counter that can be used in the field or a lab. It features a built-in battery and offers ambient sampling from a sample bottle or high pressure sampling from a pressurised (typically hydraulic) system. There is various models available for testing hydraulic fluid/ oil, water, water/glycol ,fuels etc.…

So from the description of the two systems above the prospective customer can decide between flexibility (SBSS) or a portable dedicated (S40) particle counter.

Contact us or ask for a quote if you are interested in these instruments for your application(s).  

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