New Handheld Particle Counter for Cleanroom Monitoring

Particle Measuring Systems releases the HandiLaz Mini II that measures to 0.2 μm.

For convenient and extensive point of use monitoring, the Particle Measuring Systems HandiLaz Mini II is a new low cost, handheld solution for cleanroom environmental research and troubleshooting needs.

The HandiLaz Mini II is uniquely suited for applications including Semiconductor component and equipment manufacturing, wafer fabrication, advanced materials production and research and testing laboratories. This compact unit offers an unlimited number of particulate size channels from 0.2-10 μm with 10 nm channel resolution. It utilizes a miniaturized, state of the art sensor with a simple touchscreen, single button operation and advanced on-screen analysis for getting physically close to and in detail with cleanroom environments.

Features include ISO classification, on-board temperature and relative humidity measurement, PM2.5 and PM10 analysis, embedded flow meter, and continuous particle logging through the integration of temperature and differential pressure input into the particle measurement for enhanced analysis.

Adding the HandiLaz Mini II to an environmental monitoring toolbox provides the benefit of advanced environmental monitoring in a highly compact package.

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