Which DVS (Dynamic Vapour Sorption) instrument is right for me?

When I look at any range of instruments all performing the same basic function I want to know what makes one model different from another. This is also true of the DVS series ( Intrinsic , Adventure, Resolution and Endeavour). In this short article I hope to make that a lot easier!

We know Dynamic Vapour Sorption is simply the measurement of the adsorption or de-sorption of a solvent on a solid material. Materials investigated using DVS includes Pharmaceutical powders, tablets, API’s and excipient materials), Food powders, processed food, biscuits, cement, ceramics, cosmetics, hair care, contact lenses, packaging materials: paper, plastics.

All the models have the same microbalance with 0.1 ug sensitivity and a max capacity of samples up to 1 gram (or a high mass balance option of up to 5 grams in case this is of interest…). The same software is also used on all the models and every instrument is sold as a complete working solution - so you cannot forget a key accesory or consumable!

DVS Intrinsic plus: This is our entry level product, small compact and affordable with a temp range of 20 -40 °C and used for water sorption only.

DVS Adventure: This is a water vapour sorption analyser with a temp range of 5 - 85 °C. So a higher temperature range than the Intrinsic Plus It comes with an incubator where the system is placed to assure temperature stability throughout the entire experiment .This is an unique capability of our instrument as it was designed to assure we can generate the most amount of RH across the entire temp range. Accessories available are : a Preheater (up to 200 °C), a chiller (down to -20 °C for stability studies of freeze dried materials….), a camera with 200 x (pointing at the sample and taking pictures at the desired RH steps) and or a Raman/IR probe to measure changes in the sample structure as the sorption process takes place. 

DVS Resolution:  This is the flagship instrument for water sorption, Organic solvents and/or gas sorption at atmospheric conditions. It has a temp range of 5 -85 °C. Able to generate 0 -98% RH in the temp range of 5 -65°C & able to generate up to 85 % RH at higher temperatures 85C. It is possible to perform organic sorption experiments for advanced applications  (Amorphous content determination, BET surface Area, pore size distribution, etc) using our state of the art Speed of sound sensor. This is the only sensor in the market integrated on a DVS to measure concentrations of organic solvents in real time. User can independently control both vapour pressure generations (organic solvent and water for example) to perform competitive or multicomponent sorption experiments to simulate real life (i.e: Methanol sorption when setting a 20% RH background…).   In terms of accessories, it has the same capabilities of the DVS Adventure mentioned above. This instrument would have at least 2 reservoirs, one for water and the other for the desired organic solvent.

DVS Endeavour is basically a 5 station version of the Adventure or Resolution and is designed for a high sample throughput.

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