Product Focus: Wipfrag 3

WipFragsoftwareI receive regular enquiries about Wipware fragmentation analysis software Wipfrag 3.0 and which platform ( windows, apple IOS, Android (coming soon)) to use.

I will try to explain the diffrences in this short article. What I like about this technology is that allows the use ro get a size distribution of an good image just using software without the hassel (and potenital risk working at a rockpile) of sieving.

If you had quick look at the technology you will understand it a relatively simple process of capturing an image, loading it into the software and then fine tuning some threshold settings before generating a size distribution. Editing of the image is also possible to include or ignore particles etc….

The software on all the platforms looks exactly the same so where do the differences come in?

The Windows version is still the most powerfully of all the options and can analyse large UAV (drone photos) / Orthomosaic images up to 16Mpx. So if that is a key interest that is the option for you.

The windows software is available with a software key (similar like MS Office etc…) which can only be installed on one device. The 2nd option is an hardware key ( USB dongle) that can be used with any number of windows PC’s laptops – only the device with the dongle connected will work. This is also the only option that is offered withy local support from Micron Scientific . We train and support all Wipfrag packages we supply in Africa.

The Apple IOS version has one unique feature which is auto-scaling. You simply enter the height at which the image is taken with your Apple device and the software will then auto-scale the image. (In the case of the windows software each image much have an object of known size in each image ) The same applies if you import an image to your Apple device from a camera etc… The Apple IOS version you purchase yourself direct from the Apple store at about 1000 USD . The app is bundled with detailed help video’s to get you going with the software. The Apple IOS software does not support UAV/ Orthomosaic images. Micron Scientific does not offer local support for Apple IOS ( as we do not sell it to you- you purchase it direct from the App store)

The Android (smart phone) version is currently in beta testing mode and will be released soon.

I have used all the various versions and like them all. So I think it depends on your intended use. IF you want to analyse normal images of muck piles or stock piles the Apple/Android version is a very economical product. You can use it on a phone, but a tablet is my preference for the larger form factor.

If you want to, or consider using drones/ Orthomosaic images get the Windows version or if your company prefers staying on the Windows platform and or want local support from Micron Scientific.

Then lastly a nice feature of this software /app is that you can try a demo version of the software to see how it all works. Just remember the demo version will not analyse your images – only some sample images. If you want to see results for your images ask Micron Scientific for a demonstration or you can use the Mailfrag product from Wipware.

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