The importance of local support and calibration

Micron Scientific offer local calibration and service on most of the instruments we supply. We are frequenlty contacted by competitor users to calibrate their equipment. Especialy in South Africa it is important to ask your service providor before you purchase a new laboratatory instrument if they will service and calibrate it locally or send it overseas for calibration.

The practical implication is if you need to send your instrument overseas for calibration is as follows:

  • You will be without your instrument for at least a month on average
  •  Internationl shipping will cost you anything from R 10 000 or more
  • The overseas calibration in USD or Euro which is not cheap when convered to ZAR!

 It is therefor a real advantage to have the benefit of local calibration (in rands) with a quick turn around time (typically less than a day). We will even remind you well before the time when your next annual calibration is due to allow you to geneate the order and plan the instrument down-time in advance!