Studying the stability and kinetics of fast-breaking foam

courtesy of DataPhysics Instruments

Cosmetics, detergents, and pharmaceuticals are often applied as foam due to its good spreading ability and its anti-stick properties. Many cosmetic manufacturers strive to develop foaming products, because consumers often consider foaming cleaning products as being of higher quality and providing better usability. Their stability has a significant influence on their applications. Foams consist of gas bubbles that are dispersed in a liquid phase. Because of various destabilisation mechanisms they are usually quite unstable.

In the case of face cleansing foam, fast-breaking foam bubbles are desired to enable easy utilisation. Therefore, it is important for the formulation designer to understand the kinetics of the foam breaking process. However, it is very difficult to characterise this process owing to its rapid changes. The MultiScan (MS 20) from DataPhysics Instruments, a compact and versatile measuring device for optical stability and aging analyses, can overcome this difficulty. It provides the possibility to study the stability and kinetics of foams easily and conveniently. In this application note, we study the kinetics of the drainage phase and foam breaking of a face cleansing foam using the MS 20. Read further