10 Years of BioCapt® Single Use Impactor

Microbial Data Collection environmental monitoring biocapt single use 10 yearscourtesy of Particle Measuring Systems

Particle Measuring Systems has recently announced 10 years of the Biocapt Single Use Microbial Impactor. This podcast specifically, covers the celebration of 10 years since its launch and its evolution and success, with a focus on its application in pharmaceutical production for microbial air sampling. 

 It features an interview with Giulia Attali, the Global Product Line Manager for the product. Key factors contributing to its success include regulatory compliance, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness. The Biocapt Single Use microbial monitor is compared with its counterpart, the Biocapt Stainless Steel impactor, and its suitability for continuous use is explored, with a recommended validation process. The interview concludes with information on where to find more details about the product and regulatory requirements on the company’s website.