Surface Measurement Systems launches the new DVS Adventure

DVSAdventureDVS Adventure is a water vapor sorption analyzer measuring sorption and desorption isotherms over a broad range of humidities and temperatures. It offers unprecedented temperature stability and humidity performance. It provides valuable information about the interactions of a sample with water vapor that is critical for the development of new materials and processes.

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Five ways that the Mastersizer 3000 saves you money

mastersizer 3000e ms websiteTo earn its place in today’s busy analytical laboratories, an instrument must meet certain practical criteria, and stand-up to rigorous economic evaluation. For labs that need particle sizing, laser diffraction systems are typically the technology of choice; delivering accurate and reliable information for the broadest range of sample types.

Here, we look at how the Mastersizer 3000, the market leading laboratory particle size analyzer from Malvern Instruments, can save you time, money and resources, and ultimately deliver a healthy return on investment.   

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New Lasair® III Aerosol Particle Counter with Internal WiFi

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Synuclein – A protein that fuses vesicles

Written by: 

α-synuclein promotes vesicle assembly – when size can support theory


What is a vesicle?

In cell biology, a vesicle is an (often spherical) assembly of amphiphilic molecules (usually proteins and phospholipids), and is typically sized between 30 nm – 100 nm in diameter. Vesicles are often classified by the type of interaction they are involved with. For extracellular vesicles (or exosomes), this is usually intercellular signal transmission. A particular example of exosomes is synaptic vesicles, which transmit signals between neurons (average size: 40 nm).

In a paper entitled “Structural basis of synaptic vesicle assembly promoted by α-synuclein1”  the authors investigate a specific protein which forms fibrillar aggregates and is implicated in Parkinson’s disease. A double-anchor mechanism as illustrated in the figure on the left (taken from the publication under creative commons license from Figure 3 in: Nature Communications 7, Article number 12543, doi:10.1038/ncomms12563) shows the protein pulling together two vesicles before fusion. Modeling has supported the reach of this mechanism at up to 15 nm.

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New demonstration Nanosight NS300 instrument for Micron Scientific

220x138 NanoSight NS300 01 220x138Micron Scientific recently received its own Nanosight NS300 instrument. "We are very excited to add the NS300 to our range of demonstration instruments " said Albrecht Truter, Director of Micron Scientific. Nano Tracking Analysis (NTA) is  a very visual technique as the user is able to observe the light scattering from their nano particles directly in the software.  It can measure samples at low concentrations as it measures individual particles. This particle by particle approach allows for a relatively high resolution of the nano particle size distribution. 

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Malvern’s Top Content Summer 2016

Here are the top five content from the last quarter. As you know, we produce materials from beginner’s guides to advanced education, all of which is free to access on the Resource Center in our website.

To suit your needs, we try to develop content in a variety of formats, and to help explain what these different formats are, I’ve compiled a quick guide to our key content types, together with a link to the most popular this last quarter, enjoy!

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Pamas updates website with video

Pamas ( known for their extensive range of liquid particle counters recently updated their website with short demonstration video’s of their most popular instruments.




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Product Focus Lasair III

LasairIIII had the opportunity recently to give some training on a Lasair III particle counter to a new customer. In preparation I reviewed the features of the instrument by scanning its manual.  Reading through the manual reminded me again what a well-designed an versatile instrument the Lasair III is ! In my experience a customer wants to make a simple measurement to check the air quality quickly in an area, or they want to test to standard like ISO 14644-1. 

New ! Lasair III is now avialable with ISO 14644-14:1999 and the 2015 release. The customer can now select if they want to use the old or the latest version of the ISO standard.

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Overview of the new ISO 14644-1 :2015 for Clean Rooms

The newly updated ISO14644-1:2015 has caused some confusion and raised concerns by companies who want to ensure that they are fully compliant. To address these issues, Particle Measuring Systems is sharing our industry expertise and have provided an
ISO 14644-1:2015 summary paper, an on-demand webinar, and are now providing you with answers to many of the questions that our customers frequently ask. If you have further questions, please contact us.

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September is Rheology month at Micron Scientific!

We are please to announce the visit of Rheology Specialist Dr Adrian Hill (Malvern Instruments) to Micron Scientific in September. Contact us to discuss your rheological requirements.

Dr Hill has a gift to make rheological concepts understandable and more importantly practically useful to everyone. Micron Scientific has a Kinexus Rheometer that is also available for demonstrations and test work on customer samples.

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Complete Cleanroom Environmental Monitoring System

Particle Measuring Systems releases the FacilityPro® 5010 System: a new industrial automation solution for cleanroom environmental monitoring.

Particle Measuring Systems has released the FacilityPro® 5010 System, a new industrial automation solution for environmental monitoring. The FacilityPro 5010 builds on the previous FacilityPro generation and provides a central hub for a complete cleanroom environmental monitoring system. With a modular design, the system is able to be configured based on current sampling requirements while offering simple expandability to meet future needs.

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Product Focus: Kinexus Rheometer from Malvern Instruments

kinexus range small
Malvern Instruments
created the Kinexus Rheometer understanding that although we face rheological problems every day the solutions are less obvious.Rheology or Rheometry is an intimidating subject to many but we have the benefit of this science every day. From the thickness of the yoghurt we enjoy to the hand-soap we use in to the lubricating oil that protects our car.

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Malvern’s Top Content Q2 2016

Written by: Severine Michel

Here are the top five content from the last quarter. As you know, we produce materials from beginner’s guides to advanced education, all of which is free to access on the Resource Center in our website.

To suit your needs, we try to develop content in a variety of formats, and to help explain what these different formats are, I’ve compiled a quick guide to our key content types, together with a link to the most popular this last quarter, enjoy!

Application Notes

Describes a customer issue / problem and how it can be resolved with the appropriate Malvern solution.

  1. Basic principles of particle size analysis
  2. Measuring Surface Zeta Potential using the Surface Zeta Potential Cell
  3. Comparing the rheology and particle size of smoothies made with different blenders
  4. Measuring the particle size of small sample volumes using laser diffraction
  5. Accuracy and reproducibility in automated dynamic light scattering measurements


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Unlocking new areas of disease research

Researchers at the University of Alabama use NanoSight from Malvern to understand the role of exosomes in disease transmission

Data measured using the NanoSight NS300 from Malvern Instruments is providing new insights into the role of exosomes in diseases such as cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease and cystic fibrosis, in pioneering research at the University of Alabama - Birmingham (UAB).

“Early research on exosomes, or extracellular vesicles, focused on their role in excreting unwanted waste from cells,” said Shawn Williams, facility manager and imaging specialist. “However, we’re now starting to understand their wider functionality in intercellular communication and the transmission of disease. The NanoSight system is playing a central role in helping us advance in this new and exciting area of research, by enabling us to size, count and track the movement of these crucial molecules in their native state.”

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Product Focus: The S40 Portable particle counter from Pamas

The S40 series of liquid particle counters is popular around the world because of their rugged reliability and ease of use. Over the years this popular portable liquid

particle counter has been adapted to multiple applications.
It all started with the standard S40 which is typically used for lubricating or hydraulic oils. Today there is a version for the following liquids or applications.
Oils / hydraulic fluids -Pamas S40
Water – Pamas S4031
Jet Fuel – Pamas S40 Avtur
Water-Glycol / water based hydraulic fluids – Pamas S4031 WG 

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If Rock Climbing Isn’t Your Forté... WipWare’s latest addition to its WipFrag 3.0 Windows and iPad software will be of interest to you.


By: Mark Wagner

If you haven’t heard, or if you have been hiding under an ‘un-analyzed’ rock waiting for summer to fully take shape, here’s a quick summary of what is going on: The world’s best-selling and industry leading software is now available for iOS, meaning that

A) You can now analyze images right in the field using any Apple iOS device 
B) No scaling device is required 
C) The price of the iOS version of WipFrag software is $999USD for a perpetual license 
D) You can use the new WipFrag software as a remote controller for any online systems on-site

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Using rheology for faster, smarter formulation

cWritten by: John Duffy

Rheology is often perceived as a theoretical, highly mathematical discipline but in fact it has very practical relevance in defining the behaviour of a wide range of materials including cement, asphalt, cosmetics, foods, paints, inks, blood and much more. Rheology is all around us and we are constantly performing rheological testing every time we apply a force to one of these materials in order to deform it or make it flow at the desired rate, be it squeezing toothpaste, spreading cement, or chewing food. The ratio of the applied force (stress) to the measured deformation (strain) or flow rate (strain rate) is what governs such behaviour and is related to the rheological material properties such as modulus (stress/strain) or viscosity (stress/strain rate), the knowledge of which can help predict how a volume of material will behave under a given force or deformation

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The new Zetasizer AT – automated online nanoparticle sizing for process monitoring

zetasizeratMalvern Instruments has launched the new Zetasizer AT, a robust, online, automated analyzer that uses dynamic light scattering (DLS) to automatically measure the size of nanoparticles in suspensions and emulsions. The new analyzer provides timely and reliable data that enables tracking of processes in the sub-micron size range, such as emulsification, dispersion, milling and homogenization, while at the same time eliminating the delays and inefficiencies associated with manual analysis. The net result is improved process understanding, streamlined process development and improved product quality. 

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New research highlights efficient in vitro strategies for demonstrating bioequivalence in generic nasal sprays

MorphologiG3IDExperts from Nanopharm, supported by Malvern instruments and with funding from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), have carried out experimental studies to identify analytical strategies that can help bring generic nasal sprays to market faster. The findings, presented at Respiratory Drug Delivery (RDD) 2016, describe the benefits of applying component-specific particle size measurement and rheological characterization to determine the Critical Material and Process Attributes of suspension nasal sprays.  By supporting fast and robust bioequivalence testing, these techniques add value in the development of abbreviated new drug applications.

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Measurement of Dairy and Food Emulsions using Laser Diffraction

The particle size of the fat droplets present in dairy and other food emulsions is important in defining properties such as flavor release, mouth feel and the emulsion stability. Large emulsion droplets can lead to poor flavor release, a greasy mouth feel and poor stability due to creaming. Emulsification to a smaller droplet size tends to reduce creaming and improve the taste of a product. However, in doing this a balance is required, as decreasing the particle size increases the available surface area, which in turn can lead to flocculation if the emulsifier concentration is not controlled.

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Mastersizer 3000 software update v3.50

The latest version of software for the Mastersizer 3000/3000E is now avialable to users. The latest release offers Sample detail recall, Close measurement manager and editing graphs without entering Edit mode.

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Auto Scaling comes to WipFrag 3 for iOS

Measuring blast fragmentation couldn’t be easier. WipFrag’s new Auto Scaling feature eliminates the need to set a scale on a muck pile, making your fragmentation analysis photography safer and faster! Snap and tap with the WipFrag app

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Learn where to place sample points for certification

As environmental system designers, we are often asked where to place sample points for particle monitoring, whether it be performed in a pharmaceutical cleanroom or clean device (RABS, isolator, etc.).

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Advanced Laser diff and DLS course at Emperor's Palace , South Africa

Micron Scientific is proud to announce that our next advanced user course for laser diffraction and dynamic light scattering will be on Tue, 17 May 2016 at Emperor's Palace.

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The Top 10 most viewed videos from Malvern Instruments

With over 300 videos available in our YouTube channel you may be overwhelmed on which to watch. So to help we have listed our 10 most popular..

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Severn Trent Water adopts Malvern’s Zetasizer WT as its leading measure of clarification performance


Severn Trent Water, a leading UK supplier of water and waste water treatment services, has introduced the new Zetasizer WT, an innovative online zeta potential analyzer, to reduce operational risk and coagulant costs, at Tittesworth water treatment works (WTW). Severn Trent has conducted the UK’s first trials which have successfully demonstrated the ability of online zeta potential measurements to provide reliable, continuous and fully automated clarification monitoring. Plans are now in place to extend application of the technology to other WTWs across the Severn Trent Water group.

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New ISO: ISO 14644‐1:2015

The recent revision of ISO 14644‐1 and‐2 has introduced several changes for cleanroom
classification and monitoring guidelines. This paper will highlight the major changes in the new
ISO 14644‐1 compared to the previous version

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Characterizing Biopharmaceutical Formulations using Archimedes

The development of protein-based therapeutics is a rapidly-growing area of the pharmaceutical industry. Biopharmaceuticals are increasingly used to treat and prevent many diseases in humans and animals, and also to replace critical proteins that cannot be produced endogenously. In the formulations used to deliver these treatments, however, aggregation of therapeutic proteins can reduce their effectiveness and potentially induce immunogenic effects which may compromise drug safety and efficacy. It is therefore essential to monitor aggregation in the development, manufacture and storage of therapeutic proteins and other biopharmaceutical formulations.

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NanoChOp project highlights value of NanoSight for monitoring nanoparticle characteristics in biological systems

Researchers working on the European Metrology Research Project NanoChOp (Chemical and Optical Characterization of Nanomaterials in Biological Systems), funded by EURAMET, have concluded that the NanoSight Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis system from Malvern Instruments offers unique insight into the behavior of nanoparticles in biological systems. Such insight supports ongoing efforts to assess the potential risks to human health posed by the increasing use of nanomaterials.

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Hunting for the Perfect Easter Egg - by Paul Kippax

In the UK we are about to celebrate Easter, where we get the chance to spend a few days relaxing with family and friends and enjoying the start of spring. It is traditional at this time of year to give away chocolate Easter eggs, as a symbol of new life.

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What are the benefits of owning a Malvern particle size analyzer?

Malvern customer survey results

A recent Malvern customer survey allowed us to ask our customers about the Malvern laser diffraction particle sizing equipment they owned (Mastersizer and Spraytec), how they used it and what they liked most about it.

The Mastersizer is a laboratory laser diffraction particle size measurement system designed to measure dry powder, suspensions and emulsion samples in the particle size range from 0.01 to 3500 microns. 

The Spraytec laser diffraction system, on the other hand, offers real-time high speed measurements of particles in sprays and aerosols.

This survey enabled customers to give us critical feedback on our particle sizing systems. Over 95% of the respondents were Mastersizer users with a little over 5% of respondents Spraytec owners. 40% were lab workers engaged in research, 32% involved in routine product QC testing, 13% working on product development, 11% working in production/process control and the remaining 4% working in root cause analysis. Most of the respondents were working in industrial companies producing chemical and mineral products, with around a fifth being engaged in pharmaceutical product development and production.  

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2015′s Top Ten Malvern Instruments Webinars!

Malvern Instruments is well known for their extensive range of educational webinars.

I’m not surprised to see that our Masterclass series webinars, both for Particle Size and Rheology have made the list below, but we also have a newcomer in our recently-launched Omnisec

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Innovative product award – Zetasizer Water Treatment

Written by: Alon Vaisman

We are delighted to let you know that one of our new products, the Zetasizer WT, a dedicated on-line zeta potential analyzer for the Water Treatment industry won an Innovation award recently.

The event was held in November 2015 at the headquarters of Severn Trent Water in Coventry, UK, by the CIWEM (Certified Institute of Water and Environmental Management) and showcased ten new products available to the water treatment industry.

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WipFrag 3 for iOS released

WipFrag, the number one name in fragmentation analysis for desktop computers is now available for tablets and smartphones in the Apple App Store.

Of special interest to mining and quarry managers and engineers, WipFrag 3 for iOS is the most economical portable blast fragmentation solution available. It’s perfect for instantly analyzing blast pile particle sizes in open pit and underground locations using an iPad. The new WipFrag app puts fragmentation at your fingertips.

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New software; growing team: Two years on NanoSight is reaping the benefits of joining Malvern Instruments

The latest software release along with an expansion of the global technical specialist team, highlight Malvern Instruments’ ongoing commitment to extending and supporting the application of NanoSight, a nanoparticle characterization technology with unique capabilities. The Malvern NanoSight range enables the visualization, sizing and counting of nanoparticles, exosomes, protein aggregates, and is increasingly being used in biopharma and nanoparticle research.

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New research from Clausthal University highlights the value of Malvern’s Kinexus for characterizing drilling fluids

Researchers at The Institute of Petroleum Engineering at TU Clausthal in Germany are being supported by Malvern Instruments in new work to understand and optimize the performance of Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) fluids. The polymeric solutions used for EOR exemplify the fluids used in a range of drilling applications to maximize oil extraction while at the same time safeguarding geological formations. Details of the work have recently been presented in a new webinar which is available for download/viewing at:

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Smarter particle sizing, better refreshment! Malvern launches new accessories for chocolate and coffee analysis

Malvern Instruments have released new accessories for the Mastersizer 3000 which optimize the particle size analysis of chocolate and coffee. The two new, innovative additions to the Mastersizer portfolio – Chocosizer and the Funnel Sample Feeder for the Aero S - enable faster analysis and make it easier to develop and apply the robust particle sizing methods that are essential to both industries.

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