New LasairĀ® III Aerosol Particle Counter with Internal WiFi

The release of the new Lasair® III Aerosol Particle Counter with an internal WiFi option. It is now available for order. 

Following our mission to continuously provide the highest technology solutions, together with updated and user friendly features, we recently added the following features to the Lasair III Particle Counter:

Alarm Reason Management

  • For immediate identification of the contamination root cause

Modbus TCP/IP Communication

  • Enhances the instrument’s flexibility for easier integration into third party monitoring systems

ISO 14644-1:2015 Statistics

  • Automated statistical sampling, fully compliant with the latest available standards.

WiFi Communication

  • Allows data download to DataAnalyst Software (optional) via web browser
  • Sample, location and recipe configuration with remote control via web browser, without a cable
  • Designed for a “paperless” solution

The internal WiFi option provides the same advantages as the standard Ethernet RJ45 communication capabilities but without cable connections.

Specifically designed for “paperless” data collection solutions, it provides distinct advantages in combination with the Data Analyst data management software (30 days free DataAnalyst trial download here), or with the native web browser instrument control function.

All existing instruments can be upgraded to include the WiFi option. Firmware updates are also available for the software enhancements.Contact us for further information about existing fleet upgrades.