Hydro Sight

 Hydro Sight    Demo Video


  • Visualize your particles

  • Observe and understand dispersion trends

  • Automatically detect unusual particles

  • Evaluate particle size and shape

  • Quickly validate methods

How it Works

The Hydro Sight is designed to be used with the Mastersizer instrument range with a recirculating liquid dispersion accessory, such as the Hydro MV, Hydro LV, Hydro EV or Hydro SM accessories provided with the Mastersizer 3000. It is also compatible with the Mastersizer 2000 and its wet dispersion units (Hydro G,S,SM,MU) 

Connect the accessory

The Hydro Sight is easily installed by connecting it in-line between the laser diffraction dispersion accessory and  measurement cell. It captures images of the sample dispersion flowing through a specially designed imaging cell using lens-less* dynamic imaging technology. No focusing or calibration by the user is required during routine operation.

Observe and analyze

A stand-alone software package provides image capture and data analysis options with a simple user friendly interface. Image frames are continuously displayed and analyzed during a laser diffraction measurement, with options to save images and follow specific events.  Particle size and particle elongation distributions are updated continuously and a Dispersion Index* trend plot constantly monitors the state of dispersion. Image frames displaying anomalous particles can be automatically captured, assisting with trouble-shooting.

Sample measurement capabilities

Measurement range: 9 - 1000 µm *

Observable Size range:1.4 - 1000 µm *

Particle Size Analysis